“The Lord of the Rings”

Today we visited the Santa Monica Pier, the end of Route 66. Geocaches are often found at spots of historical or geographical significance, so we thought this was the perfect place to see if one was hidden.  Our GPS informed us that The Lord of the Rings cache was nearby. We thought it would be located on the pier, but it was not. We studied the map and realized it was located next to the pier in a park. We walked over  and discovered Santa Monica’s Muscle Beach. We were mesmerized by the assortment of people practicing acrobatics and flying on rings. You must have the secret password to retrieve this cache. Luckily John and I knew it.

This was the largest cache we have found and was chock full of trinkets. We enjoyed sifting through them and adding a few of our own. We took a purple butterfly track back that is trying to make its way to Minnesota. We left some Little Chicken’s Big Day tattoos and a blue geocaching marble. TFTC!!!

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