Mrs. Nelson’s Toys and Books

Mrs. Nelson’s Toys and Books is an independent bookshop in La Verne, California,  specializing in children’s books. As we perused the store, it was obvious it was loved (and used) by children. While we browsed the shelves searching for the perfect books to give as gifts, children could be heard happily chatting. It was storytime at Mrs. Nelson’s. After storytime, one little girl came to the craft section and started up a conversation as she lovingly looked at all the books and craft projects on the shelf. It was obvious we were on her turf–we were in an environment she loved and she was eager to share it with us. She pointed out a fairy doll art kit and shared she wanted it one day. She obviously knew it was not an option but seemed to add it to her mental wish list. She browsed the shelves, asked questions about what she saw, lovingly picked up items that fell and carefully replaced them on the shelves, all the while looking as though she was in a magical place. One created just for her.

I chatted with Lauren about one of her favorite books.

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