Sundance Books and Music

A few days ago John visited the offices of Chronicle Books in San Francisco. They suggested we visit Sundance Books and Music in Reno. We entered Sundance Books into our GPS and it took us to a strip mall where we found the shell of what was once a bookstore. We spotted a sign on the door and investigated further. We were relieved to discover it did not close but reopened in a new location. We programmed the new address into our GPS and were off again.

We pulled up to Sundance’s new location and John said, “Wow,  they converted a mansion into a bookshop.” We oohed and awed about its design, cleanliness, and top-notch collection.  Sundance is a five-star bookshop!

The owner chatted with John about one of her favorite books.

Donna reported from Sundance’s kitchen.

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