Do You Know Where You’re Going?

Are you humming the theme from Mahogany yet? This is an appropriate refrain for our trip because, to be honest, we have no clue where we’re going this year.


As much as we love technology, we draw the line when planning our route.  We leave home having an idea which direction we are heading and then we see where we actually end up. Each trip is full of unexpected sights that are all the more special because they were unplanned. Once we hit the road we rely on a paper atlas to help us guide our way.

We usually choose our atlas when we first begin the “planning” (a bizarre word since we don’t really plan) stages of our trip. We agree on a departure date and name the trip. These are both written in the front of the atlas. We then sign the atlas.

This year we decided to do something different, we did not buy an atlas when we first began planning our trip. In fact, we have yet to purchase an atlas. Tuesday morning after we pull out of Donna’s driveway, we will stop at a truck stop or oasis somewhere on our way and will purchase our official atlas. Hopefully it will be one with an obscenely large map scale, one that makes a trip from Chicago to New York seem like a plausible morning jaunt. We will rely on this atlas to find places we have never been before and to decide where we should head each day.

So, when you ask us if we know where we’re going to we will honestly reply, “No.” We look forward to seeing what the week brings and look forward to many unexpected adventures.

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