We LOVE Welcome Signs

When we get close to a new state you will find us constantly checking the GPS looking for the dotted line that shows our point of entrance. We take out our theme song CD and ready the camera for the official picture of the state sign. Over the years we have learned a few things.

1) The best pictures are taken late at night at signs that have a spot where we can pull off and get out and take our picture with the state sign.

2) Even if it is not late at night, the signs that have a pull-off area are always the best.

3) When we cross a river the signs are often difficult because they are on a bridge. For those we either film a video using the FLIP or take a quick photo as we drive by. This is also true when we enter a state that does not have an easily accessible sign.

Here is a sample of some of the signs we have seen thus far.

Greetings from Michigan! DSC00218

DSC00221DSC00243DSC00286Greetings from MarylandDSC00480Where John Read This Summer: Maryland

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