Roadside America

We hit the road in a little over a week. This year we have decided to go somewhere – but we are really not sure where. We like it that way. We do know, however, that we will spend some time exploring areas that are not terribly far from Illinois and from there we may just let Rocket point the way. We always enjoy exploring wacky and unusual attractions. Do you think Rocket will share this love?  We  all know it is bad to leave a dog in a hot car.

These are a few Midwest attractions that might shout out, “Please visit us, Donna, Rocket, and John!”

Jolly Green Giant Statue in Minnesota

Image credit: JF

We are pretty sure Billy Miller would approve of this stop, but he would probably caution us not to wear a baseball hat when visiting. 🙂

National Mustard Museum


Image credit: Edward Blake

Who knew there were so many types of mustard? Perhaps we will stop here and explore a bit.

Goats on Restaurant Roof


Several years ago when visiting Georgia, we stopped to visit and feed some goats living on the roof of a souvenir shop. We may need to stop in Sister Bay, Wisconsin to enjoy some fine Swedish food and see how their goats compare.

Spam Museum


Image credit: Holley

We are big fans of Dan Gutman’s Genius Files series. The first book featured a memorable stop at  Austin, Minnesota’s Spam Museum. We love Dan Gutman and we love Sp..  Well, we love Dan Gutman and we love odd and kitschy attractions so this may be one we cannot pass up.


Be sure to check back next week to see what crazy places we decided to explore!

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